Salvation of a Saint by Keigo Higashino

Sometimes it’s as important to prove there is no answer to a question as it is to answer it.

#blurb: When a man is discovered dead by poisoning in his empty home his beautiful wife, Ayane, immediately falls under suspicion. All clues point to Ayane being the logical suspect, but how could she have committed the crime when she was hundreds of miles away?

As Tokyo police detective Kusanagi tries to unpick a seemingly unrelated sequence of events he finds himself falling for Ayane. When his judgement becomes dangerously clouded his assistant must call on an old friend for help; it will take a genius to unravel the most spectacular web of deceit they have ever faced…

Author: Keigo Higashino

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group

Pages: 384

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

When Yoshitaka dies mysteriously in his empty apartment the first one to discover his body is his girlfriend Hiromi with whom he is having an extramarital affair. His wife Aayane is at her parent’s house when the incident takes place. Police first suspects Hiromi of the murder but drops it due to lack of evidence. Eventually they find out some deep secrets which clears Hiromi of the charge but points towards Aayane. But there is no sufficient evidence to prove Aayane’s guilt. That’s when the genius physicist comes to their rescue. Moreover detective Kusanagi’s judgement gets clouded due to his liking towards Aayane. How are they going to solve the crime? Who is the real culprit?

This book is yet another masterpiece by Keigo Higashino which doesn’t fail to amuse. It is a twisted tale which can’t be solved without the help of a genius. And if you know the style of Keigo Higahino’s writing then you already know that within the first few pages you will know about the real murderer and the rest book revolves around how the crime was committed and how come there is no evidence. Every page is filled with twists which keep you hooked till the end. It is a very fast paced thriller and can be finished in a single sitting. The writing style is captivating and doesn’t let you lose interest for even a second. I can guarantee you there is never a dull moment in this book. And the end is going to leave you dumbfounded. It is a must read for all the mystery buffs out there. Out of all the three books I have read by Keigo Higashino this is my ultimate favourite.


One Precious Moment by Ritu Kakar

“Life does not stop the loving, it does not lessen the pain but it does make you want to grow either stronger with acceptance or it breaks you totally with dejection”

#blurb: One Precious Moment is a poignant and beautiful story of love and loss. It’s a story that teaches us that we are puppets in the hands of time being played at it’s will. Mira Singh, discovers her ability to re- bulid her life on her own terms after being played with by time. This is a story that will tug at your heart, and hopefully make you feel thankful for the life you lead.

Author: Ritu Kakar

Publisher: Generic

Pages: 142

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟.5/5

The book is about Mira and Rahul who were madly in love with each other. They first met on a train when Mira was in the first year of college and Rahul was interning at a firm near her college. For the first few months they used to look at each other silently while their eyes spoke everything. When they finally got around talking they realized they were in love. Their parents also approved of their relationship and after Mira’s graduation they got married. They were very happy with each other and wanted to start a family. Everything seemed perfect like a dream come true but unfortunately destiny had other plans. Their life was going to turn upside down. All the happiness was going to flash away within seconds. What happened with Mira and Rahul? Did they have a happily ever after? If you want to know more then pick up the book.

It is a heartbreaking love story which makes you cry your eyes out. The story is short, heart-rending and can be finished within few hours. The language used is simple and easily understandable. The plot is beautiful yet devastating and makes you feel miserable for Mira. The sad truth of life has been beautifully portrayed by the author. I loved Mira who is smart and speaks her mind. She is not afraid of displeasing her boyfriend and speaks out what she feels is correct. She is a brave woman who pulled up her life together even after going through a tragedy. I did not quite enjoy the first part of the book as it looked like a cliché but I liked the second part. It is a perfect read for beginners trying out on romance novels. Also, be ready with tissues.

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Simon Vs The Homosapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

The way I feel about him is like a heartbeat — soft and persistent, underlying everything.”

#blurb: A feel-good, funny, poignant and perfectly written geek romance about falling in love for the first time and discovering who you are, Simon will make you forget age, gender and sexual orientation and sweep you off your feet.

An irresistible and distinctive voice combined with will-they-won’t-they romance, perfect for fans of critically acclaimed YA fiction such as John Green, David Levithan and Rainbow Rowell.
Straight people should have to come out too. And the more awkward it is, the better.

Simon Spier is sixteen and trying to work out who he is -and what he’s looking for. But when one of his emails to the very distracting Blue falls into the wrong hands, things get all kinds of complicated. Because, for Simon, falling for Blue is a big deal.
It’s a holy freaking huge awesome deal.

Author: Becky Albertalli

Publisher: Penguin

Pages: 300

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

Simon is a teenager living with his parents and younger sister while his older sister is away for college. He is gay but has been hiding his sexuality because he is afraid that everyone will make a big deal out of it. But his life takes a beautiful turn when someone else confesses about being gay in the school’s tumblr site. They begin emailing each other under false names. Simon’s being Jacques and the other boy’s being Blue. Simon soon realizes that he is in love with Blue and wants to spend every moment with him. But one day a fellow classmate named Martin sees the mails and starts blackmailing Simon so that he could date one of his friends. Meanwhile along with being worried Simon is also curious to find out who Blue is. How will Simon get out of this blackmailing situation? Will he be able to know the real identity of Blue?
I totally loved reading this book. It starts a little slow but it gets better within few pages. The characterization is brilliant, the dialogues are funny and most importantly the plot is intriguing and keeps you guessing the identity of Blue till the end. The friend circle of Simon is so supportive and his parents are the coolest anyone can have. I loved his relationship with his mom and dad who understand him completely, also his siblings are so caring and understanding. Though after his coming out some of the people tried to make a joke out of it but his friends and teachers were always there for him and made them pay for their act. This book makes you want to be in love. It portrays how magical love is. Everyone has got the right to love anyone they want despite what their gender is. People never deserve to face violence and inequality because of whom they love or what their sexual orientation is. It’s high time that people learn to accept everyone as they are. I totally adore how this book portrays such great parents who are not ashamed of their son’s sexuality. Our society needs more parents like them. If they don’t stand up for their own children then who will? It is their duty to make them not feel unwanted, to be their strength when they feel weak, and to stand with them against any prejudice. Overall it was an awesome read. Simon is a very charming and adorable boy. Also his friends are amazing. We need such friends in our life. Not to mention Simon’s love for Oreo made me crave for it so badly.
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150 Brilliant Ideas to Keep Young Minds Fit & Fine by Neera Maini Srivastav

“Good health is my birthright. I bless my body daily and take good care of it”

#blurb:In a world with increasing stress, lifestyle imbalance, new age challenges and health hazards, ‘wellness’ is the new God everyone’s seeking. While adults have infinite choices and options to course-correct paths, the young adults, though have increasing incidences of mental and physical health challenges, have little or almost no aids to holistic health and wellness. With increasing juvenile obesity and depression hitting the teens, there is a dire need to address the same. The book is based on addressing just that in a contemporary, light-hearted fashion. Split into 3 sections: Mind, Body and Spirit, the book offers truths in each category that seed the idea of wellness in a fun and engaging way. What better than a ready reckoner for young adults to get by their highly stressful daily lives in a more meaningful, healthier and stimulating manner. A companion of sorts, the book aims at delivering well-being to the troubled young souls. “The reason why this book is close to my heart is because as a Life Skills Coach, I work extensively with teens as well as tweens. Doing so requires an understanding of their Mind, Body, Spirit. This is the area in which this wonderful book serves an important purpose. It offers an integrated, holistic approach to every aspect of young peoples’ Wellness issues. Neera is an author whom I admire greatly. This exhaustive book is a much- needed compendium of critical information. I have no doubt it will meet huge success.” – Ms Neelam Kumar (Life Skills Coach and Author)

Author: Neera Maini Srivastav
Publisher: Pustak Mahal

Pages: 128
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Thanks to TheBookGenie for providing me with a review copy

My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 This book speaks about self-development and the ways to lead a healthy and happy life. In today’s world we often ignore ourselves in the rush for success. We overstress ourselves affecting the quality of our sleep and eating habits which leads to various health problems. In this book the author speaks about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle which will help us to attain inner peace and physical fitness. The whole book is divided into three sections and a total 150 different topics which imparts important life lessons which everyone needs to hear once in a while may it be a teenager or a young adult. If someone follows these advices religiously it will shape them into a better human being. Most importantly the teenagers need to read these as it will guide them to follow the right steps and not succumb under peer pressure. It will show you how cool it is to practice self love, speak the right words, eat the right food and respect every other human being. The lessons which you will learn from this book are valuable and will stay with you for a lifetime. I really liked the way the author has compiled the book and also the writing style is praiseworthy. In simple words she has put forwards the basic teachings of life which every child needs to know while growing up in this new era where everything seems cool no matter how wrong it is or how bad it sounds. The language used is very simple and easily understandable. According to me everyone should read this no matter how old you are. After waking up in the morning you can pick up this book and read at least one topic and you will see how it changes your day in a good way. It will help children implement these teachings in their lives while the adults will be reminded what they often forget.

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Ivory Gleam by Dr Priya Dolma Tamang

#blurb: A deluge of poetry and prose, ambiguously honouring the essence of existence from birth onto death, life and loss, self and society, romantic love and pensive longing, melancholy of regret to gratitude in healing, and the struggles of and strength in femininity. A potpourri of musings assembled with a hint of practical spirituality, to be savoured passably as an oracle of hearts to the many answers, whose questions our minds are yet to comprehend. Ivory Gleam is split into three chapters of learning, longing and loving. Each chapter is a journey traversing a different road to the ultimate destination of self-reflection.

Author: Dr Priya Dolma Tamang

Publisher: Virgin Leaf Books

Pages: 238

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

The book is a beautiful collection of prose and poetry which touches various facets of life. Each poem conveys a deep emotion which doesn’t fail to touch your hurt. The writing style is pleasing and captivating. The topics range from love to betrayal, self-harm to child abuse and freedom to toxicity. The author has put forward both the positive and negative side of the society through this anthology. The words which people need to hear to awaken their inner self has been beautifully portrayed. Also the emotions from which we tend to run away have been spoken aloud through this compilation. The way she has weaved her words to express her thoughts is enthralling. Every page has a charm to it and makes you feel connected. It helps you assess yourself and strengthen self awareness. It helps you in personal growth and motivates to preach self love. Most of us have gone through the various feelings and emotions described in the book at some point or the other which makes us feel more connected to the writing. The book is divided into three chapters where each talks about a different about a different subject i.e, learning, longing and love. Overall it was a fascinating read and also the cover of the book is so serene and aesthetic.

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Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

“Maybe we just lived betweenhurting and healing.”

#blurb: Aristotle is an angry teen with a brother in prison. Dante is a know-it-all who has an unusual way of looking at the world. When the two meet at the swimming pool, they seem to have nothing in common. But as the loners start spending time together, they discover that they share a special friendship—the kind that changes lives and lasts a lifetime. And it is through this friendship that Ari and Dante will learn the most important truths about themselves and the kind of people they want to be.

Author: Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Pages: 368

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

Ari is a gentle timid boy growing up in El Paso, Texas. He doesn’t know how to talk and open up to people. He blames his parents for this trait of his because they always choose to stay silent rather than discussing the real issues. He wants to talk to his father, he wants to know more about his brother, he wants to understand himself better, he wants to discover the secrets of the universe but his inability to accomplish these makes him disappointed. Ari has no real friends when he meets Dante in the swimming class. Slowly they become close and Ari feels Dante understands him better than anyone else, but still it is difficult for him to talk about his feelings to Dante while Dante wants him to. Ari is always too scared to speak his mind. Ari proves several times how important Dante is to him but still finds difficult to share his inner though with him. Will Ari be ever able to reciprocate the feelings Dante has for him which according to him is against the laws of the universe? Will Ari be able to find the true meaning to his life? Pick up the book to find out.

The book is a brilliant piece of literature. I can’t explain how overwhelmed I was after reading it. There are not enough words to explain the emotions I went through. It was such a beautiful experience. I wish I had read this book sooner. The characters are so realistic and well drawn. The conversations were so lyrical, with touch of emotions and sorrow. Also the character development throughout the story was perfect. The quest of a teenager to establish his own identity, to discover the truth which baffles him is beautifully portrayed. It is a phase which most of us have went through in that age when everything seems confusing, we are unsure about the steps we need to take, we are afraid of others mocking us, we are scared we won’t able to fulfill our parents’ wishes, on the top of that if there is communication gap in the family it makes the situation worse. Everything which every teenager goes through is beautifully depicted. Not to forget the book puts out a strong message on homosexuality which many people still finds hard to accept. Same sex love is still criticized in the society and considered illegal in many countries even in the 21st century. People need to inculcate the art of acceptance and love and respect everyone as they are. They are just human beings like all of us but still they have to go through things which we don’t have to. The question is WHY?

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Malice by Keigo Higashino

#blurb:Acclaimed bestselling novelist Kunihiko Hidaka is found brutally murdered in his home on the night before he’s planning to leave Japan and relocate to Vancouver. His body is found in his office, in a locked room, within his locked house, by his wife and his best friend, both of whom have rock solid alibis. Or so it seems.

Author: Keigo Higashino

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group

Pages: 288

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

Kunihiko Hidaka, a bestselling author gets murdered in his office few hours after his best friend from school Osamu Nonoguchi visits him. His wife Rie and Nonoguchi are the ones to discover his body. When the police visits to investigate the murder Nonoguchi seems to be friends with one of the officers named Kyochiro Kaga. Kaga doubts Nonoguchi’s behavior and eventually finds evidence to arrest Nonoguchi. Though Nonoguchi accepts his crime but is not ready to tell the motive. Did Nonoguchi really killed Hidaka? Why is he hiding his motive? Can you believe everything Nonoguchi says? Grab the book to find out. It is a brilliantly written twisted tale of murder. You will find out who the criminal is at the first few pages but why he committed the crime encompasses the main story. It is a complete page turner filled with awesome twists. Halfway through the story you may think you know what happened but I can assure you that you don’t. It may seem monotonous sometimes but don’t give up, just wait till the end. The motive for the murder is going to make you feel disgusted and question the values which children now-a-days grow up with. As childhood shapes your personality, parents should build up their children with care and teach them to love and respect every other human being. I love the way Keigo Higashiono weaves his stories, giving away the actual murderer in the fast few pages but later building up the suspense surrounding intentions, motives and cover-ups. I highly recommend this book to lovers of murder mysteries out there. You are in for a treat.

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