Harry Potter Spells Which Could Help Fight Covid-19

It has already been five months since corona virus disrupted our lives and compelled us to stay at home. Initially we were forbidden from going out except for essential activities. Though during past one month the rules have been relaxed a bit but still with schools closed and online classesit sometimes feel suffocation.

So, few days back i had a thought, what if we could get rid of Covid-19 using magic spells! So starting from the simple ones and going to the important ones i hereby list some spells from Harry Potter which could help us during covid-19.

Accio: to bring things to you without going out

Scourgify: help you do all the cleaning while you can enjoy working from home

Homenum Revelio: it will reveal human presence around you and help maintain a safe distance

Protego: to protect yourself from corona virus

Expecto Patronum: to fight against corona virus

Avada Kedavra: to kill corona virus

Obliviate: to erase 2020 from your mind

So i could think up these few if you have any more to add on do leave in the comments! Also i tried editing for the first time🙈

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