An HR Article- Different & Effective Ways of Recruiting

Finding the best candidates has never been as tough as it is today. For any organization, recruitment is a significant part of developing and maintaining an effective and efficient team. A good recruitment strategy will cut down the wastage of time and money, which would have been spent for extensive training and development of unqualified candidates. There are various types of recruitment that organizations use to attract the best staff. Not every job has the same requirements, and also each company has different needs. That means employers need to use hiring tactics that will match their values and appeal to the candidates they’re searching for.

Various types of recruiting methods can be used within the same company, based on the role and the department they are hiring for. For example, in manufacturing, there are design, technical, marketing, sales, finance, admin and artisan roles to fill from entry to executive level. The same procedure of hiring cannot be use to find the best candidates within each division.

With the advancement of technology, various kinds of recruitment process have come up. Job postings can be published easily on sites which reach out to a broad audience. With the increased use of social media, it has also become an important platform for recruiters to source talent from. It is also used to showcase company culture by sharing photos and videos of various events or day-to-day office life. Job-postings can now be sponsored to come up at the top of relevant search which results in attracting more job applicants.  Companies are making their social media pages and keeping it updated with relevant information as it is the first place which candidates check before applying for any position. 

Recruiting Internally

Internal recruitment refer to hiring employees within the organization. In other words, applicants seeking for the different positions are those who are currently employed with the same organization. Internal sources of recruitment are the best and the easiest way of selecting resources as performance of their work is already known to the organization. It can be done in various ways:

  1. Promotions

Promotion refers to upgrading the designation of the employees by evaluating their performance in the organization. It is the process of shifting an employee from a lower position to a higher position with more responsibilities, remuneration, facilities, and status. Many organizations fill the higher vacant positions with the process of promotions, internall

2. Transfers

Transfer involves the shifting of an employee from one job to another without any change in the rank and responsibilities. It can also be the shifting of employees from one department to another department or one location to another location, depending upon the requirement of the position.

Let’s take an example to understand how it works. Assume there is a finance company called ABC Ltd. Having two branches, Branch-A and Branch-B, and an employee from Branch-A resigned from his job responsibilities. Hence, this position has to be filled for the continuation of the project in Branch-A.

In this scenario, instead of searching or sourcing new candidates, which is time consuming and expensive, there is a possibility of shifting an employee from Branch-B to Branch-A, depending upon the project requirements and the capabilities of that respective employee. This internal shifting of an employee from one branch to another branch is called as Transfer.

3. Internal Advertisements (Job Posting)

Internal Advertisements is a process of posting/advertising jobs within the organization. This job posting is an open invitation to all the employees inside the organization, where they can apply for the vacant positions. It provides equal opportunities to all.          

4. Employee Referrals

In this process, the present employees can refer their friends and relatives for filling up the vacant positions. Organizations encourage employee referrals, because it is cost effective and saves time as compared to hiring candidates from external sources. Most organizations, in order to motivate their employees, go ahead and reward them with a referral bonus for a successful hire.  

5. Previous Applicant

Here, the hiring team checks the profiles of previous applicants from the organizational recruitment database. These applicants are those who have applied for jobs in the past. These resources can be easily approached and the response will be positive in most of the cases.

Recruiting Externally

External recruitment refers to the process when an organisation looks to fill vacancies from applicants outside of the company. 

1. Direct advertising Placing job adverts on your careers site, job boards, social media and industry publications is an excellent way to find lots of applicants

2. Employment exchanges

An employment exchange is a government-run initiative that keeps record of unemployed job seekers. Employers submit new vacancies to the exchange and are given the details of suitable candidates.


3. Recruitment agencies

You can outsource your hiring process to a recruitment agency. Agencies manage full cycle recruiting on company’s behalf.


4. Networking Events

HR events, job fairs, open houses, seminars, and conferences offer a perfect recruitment platform. HR professionals with relevant and sustained relationships can easily acquire candidates and interns from different disciplines at these events.

5.   Video job postings

In the digital world, video-based job ads, applications, and interviews are becoming more popular.

6.   Peer ratings

these results allow us to get an idea of how the candidate is perceived by the people they work with directly.

Of course, it’s only possible to use this method for internal hires who already have a history of peer-review data.

Thus to conclude, there isn’t a single recruitment process which stands to be the only way to attract applicants. Most importantly recruiters need to be creative these days. They must be willing to explore all forms of internal and external types of recruitment if they want to find the best candidates


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