Book Review: Red-Rum muR-deR by Sourish Roy

Author: Sourish Roy

Publisher: Bigfoot Publications

Pages: 70

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5
When Shankhajit Basu meets Saranya Shankar Sen at A.B College, Jalpaiguri he has no idea what is in store for him. When a student is found dead under mysterious circumstances, the highly intelligent professor, Saranya Shankar Sen, embarks on the journey of solving the murder and Shankhajit could not help but get involved in the process. It is a perfectly planned out crime but as always the guilty left behind clues which couldn’t escape the eyes of Saranya. If you want to find out who killed the student and why, you need to pick up the book soon.

It is a well written short story which makes you feel that you are reading a Sherlock Holmes mystery. Saranya possesses a brilliant mind and loves to solve mysteries with the help of deductions. He can break down what had happened and successfully decode the plan. Shankhajit was always ready to help his friend though at times found it difficult to understand his thinking process. There are short riddles throughout the story which if successfully decoded could give you the name of the mastermind. Saranya and Shankhajit can surely be the next Bengali detective-aide duo who would take the readers in a mysterious adventure in every story and leave them feeling amused and dumbfounded.

Red-Rum muR-deR is a story of lust and revenge. The author has weaved an engaging mystery which keeps you guessing till the end. The most amusing part is the way the crime was committed. The characters are well casted and makes you want to read more about their adventures. If you are fan of classic murder mysteries, you are definitely going to enjoy this short story. It can be the perfect book for a cozy evening when you want to put your grey cells to work. Would be looking forward to read about the next escapade of Saranya and Shankhajit.

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