The Chronicle of Golgotha Days by Sujith Balakrishnan

#blurb: Abhaya, a sixteen-year-old girl is abducted and forced into a life of endless torment. Every day is a new hell for her, oscillating between torture and death, with a quickly dimming flicker of hope that one day she will find her way back home. But will she? What does home really mean to a fractured soul?In anguish, it appears the whole world delights in schadenfreude, while God lies in wait. In wait for what, no one knows.

Author: Sujith Balakrishnan

Publisher: Frog in Well

Pages: 202

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

The protagonist of the story is Abhaya, a sixteen year old girl whose one wrong decision led her to a life of pain and regrets. She trusted a man named Babu and ran away with him, but he betrayed her and sold her innocence. She was forced to become a sex slave and another cruel man named Guru became her master. She was raped and forced to sleep with numerous men. Everyday became a nightmare for her. She wanted to run away from that hell but Guru warned her that if she did so he won’t spare her family. She became part of a visious circle who exploited her according to their needs and didn’t care a bit for that poor girl. If you want to know the complete story of Abhaya then don’t forget to pick up the book.

The book is amazingly written and put forwards the story of physically scarred and emotionally tormented Abhaya. A girl who survived through hell but never got the justice she deserved. Her childhood was snatched away by people who are more pathetic than demons. These people don’t deserve to live on this earth but yet never die. As a reader I could feel the extreme pain Abhaya went through which killed her zeal for life. The torture she faced was beyond expectation and made by blood boil with anger. Such people who destroy a girl’s life for their sexual pleasures are a shame on humanity. They deserve to die brutal deaths. Moreover the judicial system in such matters is a huge disgrace. And the fact that very few people who go through such situations get justice fails us as human beings. Those perverts manage to live a happy life because the system is corrupted. They bribe and take help of ministers to get free from the charges. Such cases are increasing day by day and no one is taking any action. Only false promises are made by the government and they always fail to deliver. The world is becoming a dangerous place for women and our very own motherland tops the chart.

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