The Mind Game by Devika Das

#blurb: Happiness, stress, ecstasy or depression, it’s all a mind game. As long as our mind is under our control, everything else is. That’s what The Mind Game is all about. It is not an average self-help book that preaches life-enhancing methodologies based on complex science or long philosophical verses. The book’s genius lies in its simplicity. It offers quick, actionable and instantly applicable tips that will help readers lead better lives – instantly.

Author: Devika Das

Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers

Pages: 214

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

In this book the author speaks about how to live a happy and stress free life. The secret to happiness lies within us and the author helps you discover it. It is divided into six sections and each one imparts a meaningful lesson which we often tend to forget. It speaks about how to master our emotions and not succumb under it to become successful in every sphere of life. The art of analyzing people is also important to maintain a healthy relationship. The author has presented various theories on how to distinguish individual personality which is interesting and thought provoking. In today’s life people are so busy judging other on the basis of materialistic possessions that they forget living a minimalistic life is the real key to contentment. We need present ourselves in such a way that people will adore us irrespective of what luxury good we possess or what brands we wear. The author also highlights the importance of meditation and how it helps to attain inner peace and happiness. Anger management is also necessary to lead peaceful lives. We should learn to be calm and composed in every situation. Various strategies have been mentioned in the book in this regard. The importance of a happy workplace environment has also been stated.

Overall the book is well-written and insightful. It imparts knowledge on how to live peaceful lives in this modern era. It helps you to inculcate good habits which will improve your lifestyle and the way of thinking. Trust me this book has so much to give that after reading it you will experience a change in yourself. It will surely change your outlook on life for your own benefit. Every page is meaningful and will teach you one thing or the other. The author has mentioned some short stories which makes the book all the more interesting. I feel everyone should read this book once to have a better understanding of life. I highly recommend it to everyone

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