Alumni of the Year by Tomson Robert

#blurb: Dave is ambitious, has a demanding boss, and is struggling to balance work and life, especially the relationship with his five-year-old daughter. Dave cherishes the memories of his school days. However, due to an incident from the past, he hardly keeps in touch with his best friends.
When Dave learns that his arch-rival from school is nominated for the prestigious Alumni of the Year Competition, he buys his way into the nomination by donating to the school library.
Travel on a life-changing journey with Dave-from Dubai, to Goa, to Kochi-as he goes for the School Reunion function. See how he confronts his past, his ambitions, his fears, and discovers about what truly matters in life.

Author: Tomson Robert

Publisher: Notion Press

Pages: 158

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

Dave works as a management consultant at JW Associates in Dubai. He works hard day and night to get promoted to the position of a Senior Partner in the firm and in the process is not able to spend time with his family. He feels he is losing his daughter who doesn’t get to spend time with her father. Moreover his school reunion is coming up which brings back some good and bitter memories. He still remembers the incident which caused him his friendship with Divya and Nitin. Moreover to beat his arch enemy Varun, Dave decides to buy his way into the Alumni of the Year Competition to be held on the day of the reunion. He sets out for India with his family to visit his parents and in-laws and attend the reunion but work follows him there too. With an angry boss and an unhappy family he seeks solace in God despite being an atheist. Will his newly found faith in God help him sort out his life?

The book is fast paced and can be finished within few hours. The plot is fresh and keeps you engaged till the last page. With vivid writing style and realistic characters the book doesn’t fail to impress you. Now-a-days people run after success and in that race completely ignore the family. Children deserve to spend equal time with both of their parents otherwise it can affect them psychologically and make them feel unloved. The way Alex stayed away from Dave shows how important give time to your children. If in the run for success you lose your loved ones that success won’t make you happy. Moreover the book also brings back the memories of our school days and makes us reminisce the best times of our lives. The importance of family and friendship is well depicted in this book. It also focuses on one of the most debatable topic ‘God does not exist’ and at the end as Dave truly points that if we have faith then we can experience the existence of God. I really enjoyed reading this book which imparts some beautiful lessons which we often tend to forget in our busy lives.

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