Knotty Affairs by Chirag Bagadia

#blurb: A land of countless customs, few things in India get bigger than a big fat wedding. A marriage is a celebration which brings families and friends together. And the ceremony ends with the tradition of the bride leaving her parents’ home and moving in with her husband. The groom always has a choice-he can either stay with his parents or stay separately. However, for the bride her ‘home’ is now a strange place. Meet Aakash, a young dental intern, who falls in love with Kashish. However, what he doesn’t know is that winning her heart was never going to be easy. Kashish is resolute-nothing, not even their budding romance, will come in the way of her devotion to her parents. Cut to four years later. Akash has fallen in love with Aneri, the only daughter of her parents. However, his father is clearly miffed by this development, and enlists the help of a psychologist friend to help Aakash. Furthermore, his father is also not surprised at the couple’s request of entering into a live-in relationship before the marriage. But is Aakash ready to challenge the existing customs for his love? Is he prepared to go to any lengths to see that his love does not shed another tear? Take this tradition-defying journey with Aakash, Kashish and Aneri as they dare to delve deeper into the web of love and relationships. Warm up to their crazy antics which will leave you wondering-why can’t this be my story?!

Author: Chirag Bagadia

Publiaher: Bloomsbury Prime

Pages: 208

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

The protagonist of the story is Akash, a dental intern who meets Kashish at an inter-college festival and falls in love with her. But it did not have a happy ending, due to family issues they had to break off their relation. After a few years Akash realizes he is in love with Aneri. Both them of decide to get into a live-in relationship before marriage thus breaking the stereotypes. Also as Aneri is the only daughter of her parents she doesn’t want to live them alone after marriage. Will Akash be able to make this relationship a success? Pickup the book to find out.
The book is a breath of fresh air and way ahead of its time. It questions the norms of the Indian society where a girl has to leave her parents after marriage but a guy always gets a choice. It also speaks about live-in relationship which is considered a taboo topic. With lots of drama and a pinch of humour the book discusses age-old traditions which need to change with time. The writing style is beautiful and keeps you engaged for few hours. The story is fast paced and the language used is simple and easily understandable. With an amazing plot and well casted characters it doesn’t fail to impress you. There are lots of twists and turns which keeps you hooked till the last page. If you are looking for a fun breezy read for your next weekend then don’t forget to pick up this. I highly recommend it.
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