Aqson: Level 1

“Pick a side, because the game has begun!”

#blurb: “Slowly, she sauntered towards Toya, stopped a few feet away, looked into Toya’s eyes, and roared. It was an ear-splitting, feet-numbing, rib-shaking roar that promised death. This was the end of her, Toya knew. This was how she would die. In this unknown museum at the hands of this Olympian lioness, and, she would never be found again.”
When it became impossible to choose between God and Satan, angels decided to play games. Games that would help them pick the guardian angel of this world. Every warrior angel got divided into two teams, Team God and Team Lucifer. Strict rules were implemented, an unusual map was designed and a council was set up to administer these games.
Satan has commenced one such game called Aqson, and set the Indian Prime Minister’s position as the goal of this game.
Now, a completely unknown species will collide with humans to play a game where losing is not figurative. Angels will stoop to enter the grunge of Indian politics. A grey eyed lioness will stop at nothing. And, a group of young boys and girls will be forced to rise above their identity to play and win Level 1 of Aqson.

Author: Sreejib

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Private Limited

Pages: 391

My review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

A new game called Aqson has begun between team God and team Lucifer. It’s a YA fantasy where the ultimate goal is to win the Prime Minister of India’s seat. The duration of the game is 30 years and the team which accomplishes the mission first will be declared the winner. The EKAM(weapon) of Lucifer is Pithos aka Yuvrani Rathore, the president of NDP which is the ruling party of India. She is guarded by her guardian angel Vanraj. Though EKAM from team God, Life, guarded by guardian angel Job has finally joined the game after 20 years but the presence of Life cannot be detected on the game map, his participation is confirmed only because Job has activated himself on the map. Yuvrani doubts that life is one of the founder members of PEERS, a students’ political party recently formed in West Bengal. Whereas on the other hand the members of PEERS i.e, Toya, Ollie, Adao, Appy,Goenka and Rahul does not have any clue regarding the game. When Yuvrani meets PEERS she is certain that Toya is Life. But is Toya really the EKAM of God? Or is someone trying to confuse Lucifer?

This is the best YA fantasy I have read so far from an Indian author. The book is brilliantly written with an intriguing plot and an instantly appealing storyline. I would rather state it as a political thriller mixed together with elements of mythology and fantasy. The cast of characters is commendable assigned with witty dialogues. The book at times make you laugh your heart out whereas at others wells up your eyes. It is full of twist and turns and keeps you hooked till the last page. After a long time it happened that a book kept me awake reading till 3am. It is a gripping tale of suspense written in a language which is easily understandable. It is the first part of a series or as the writer says Level 1 of Aqson. The background is perfectly set and both the EkKAMs have been introduced in the book which leaves us waiting eagerly for the next level. I am totally in love with this book and I would highly recommend this to everyone out there..


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