Endurer: A Rape Story

“This world is full of evil, it’s about destroying each other and it never ends”

#blurb:Life was a fun fed roller coaster: New found love, drugs, cat-fights, patch ups, crushes, night hangouts, and unplanned trips. Like any girl, not in the wildest dream, Palak could imagine that after attending a Rave Party, she will wake up to the horror of finding herself raped. In traumatic conditions and struggle between sanity and hallucinations, she is compelled by the circumstances to leave her world. Already fighting a war within, her stances take a toll witnessing horrifying tales of women and girls. Little did she know that this catastrophe was not enough for one lifetime, and a storm – was just cooling its heels. Will she be able to carve her path while facing the rapists, her tyrant father, appearances of her passed away mother? Should Palak let her life to be decided by people, society, and taboos? Would justice return her life or revenge lend her peace? A heart-rending story of a girl, whose beliefs and honor has been battered, stands up to make choices, rediscovering the meaning of life.

Author: Kapil Raj

Publisher: Write India Publishers

Pages: 224

My review: 🌟🌟🌟.7/5

The story is about a college going girl named Palak living in a hostel in Delhi. She is kinda spoilt who loves to get drunk, do weeds, drugs and party with her friends. They want to live their their life to the fullest but are not aware that their so called fun is soon going to lead them into a shocking state of events. When one of Palak’s friends informs the gang about a Rave party they all decide to attend it to enjoy for one last time before the rxams start. But something heinous takes place in the party..Palak gets raped. Who raped Palak? Was it intentional or done in a drunk state?
The book is an easy read with a thought provoking plot and a heart wrenching storyline. The sufferings faced by the person who has gone through such a situation is displayed in the book. It’s easy to point fingers and comment but no one can understand the mental situation of the girl. The book is an eye opener for the society. Men need to learn that respecting women is one of the biggest signs of masculinity and not demeaning them. The author deserves appreciation for writing this book from the point of view of the girl who has to endure. The characters of the book are well casted in point of view of the story. Though I did not like the sudden jumps from one situation to another but still the book should be read once to understand the traumatic sitiations the girl has to face and how the society responses.

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