The Unending Maze

“Because finding your way out has never been more difficult”

#blurb: Amaya, a beautiful, young widow, who lost her husband Agastya to death two years back, slowly yet steadily finds color again in her life when she finds her solace in the mysterious Rehan.
However, as the story unfolds, Amaya discovers that there is always a lot more going around her than what meets the eye, and she’s in nothing but an unending maze with no way for her to escape.
Who’s Rehan? Is there any connection between Rehan and Agastya? What are Rehan’s true motives?
Set in the small town of Kalimpong in the Indian Himalayas, this romantic thriller has a shocking secret waiting to be unveiled.

Author: Vidushi Gupta

Publisher: Notion Press

Pages: 226

My review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

The story revolves around Amaya who lives in a beautiful small town called Kalimpong in the North east India. She teaches in a school and also runs a café. She lost her husband Agastya 2 years back and since then has been living with her mother-in-law who cares for her and treats her as her own daughter. Though everyone wants Amaya to move forward in her life she has not been able to forget the tragic incident which took away Agastya from her and considers herself to be the reason for his death. She has recurring nighmares and is never able to sleep properly. She is all broken inside and has lost the zeal for life. She is existing but not living. She is burried under the sorrow and nothing makes her happy. Just when everything is falling apart she meets Rehan. He is a charming and fun loving young man and soon they become good friends. He likewise Amaya loves to read and always tries to cheer her up by cooking for her or taking her out to a park. He wants Amaya to leave behind her past and start a new life. But there is something mysterious about Rehan. Though Amaya feels with safe him still a part of her is not sure about his intentions. Who is Rehan ? Why is he trying to help Amaya? Is there a hidden motive? Grab the book to find out.

The book is an engaging read with a beautiful plot and lovable characters. The language used is easy and can be finished off in a single sitting. The story is refreshing and different from the usual love stories. The relationships between the characters are well portrayed and warm your heart. How a mother-in-law accepts her daughter-in-law as her own child, how a wife’s love for her husband is eternal, how a brother gives up his own happiness so that his sister doesn’t feel dejected, how a stranger can care for you more than your close ones, how parents understand your pain even without your telling them. The way various facets of human relationships are so intricately explored in this book makes the story all the more relatable. At times you will cry your heart out while at others you will just smile. If you have ever lost someone you loved immensely you need to read this book and even if not you still need to read to understand the happiness and pain in a relationship. How the loss of your love can turn your life upside down but still you need accept your faith and move on to cherish the memories life has in store for you. Also be prepared for the climax as it is going to leave you shocked and dumfounded. I highly recommend this book to everyone out there.


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