A Letter To My Blog..

Dear bongreader,

You are one of the most precious things of my life. I still remember the day it all started started- 19th November, 2018. I had always wanted to start a blog of my own but never got around doing it due to my studies but finally after graduation I decided that it’s high time I put down my thoughts into action and thus stepped into a new phase of my life with you. I was afraid at the beginning that I may not give you the justice you deserve in matter of literary terms but you know what they say “The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begin with One Step”. So I finally gave up on my fear and brought you into the world of bloggers.

Today you are 2 months and 13 days old and I can’t believe how time flies. Though you are still a newbee and trying to make it in the bloggers community I just want to tell you that never lose hope or give up. Always remember that success does not lie in ‘RESULTS’ but in ‘EFFORTS’, Being the best is not important but doing the best is all that matters. Also success won’t come and find you, you have to go out and get it. I will always be there with you no matter what and we will work hard together. I won’t shy away to say that you are my baby and I care for you like my child and I want you to achieve great heights. I am working hard to give you everything you deserve and together we will make it there someday. I know there are days when things are tough and you will need to put down extra efforts and still may not get what you want that day just remember that “What if everything works out at the end? What if all the hard work pays off?” Always have faith in yourself. I am here to take care of you and provide you with the best I can. Lastly, always treat your followers with love and respect as they are the ones who put their trust in you and follow you and help you grow.

With lots of love,

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9 thoughts on “A Letter To My Blog..”

  1. Original, honest and well written, Sneha (now I know your name!). Blogging is pleasure and therapy (at least to me). The only problem is that it is time-consuming. There is a karma-effect of giving and receiving. I also try to treat my followers as best as possible, which obviously takes a lot of time. I too, wish you all the best in this wondrous journey through the realms of wordpress.com.

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    1. Yaa exactly and being a student it is tough to keep up and post regularly but whenever i am free i try to pen down my thoughts on my most recent read..and also thanks a ton and all the best wishes to u too..😄

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