You Begin Where I End

“Love. Poets and philosophers, from the beginning of time, are trying to figure out and define what love is. But there’s no single definition. We all feel it in our own unique way.”

#blurb: Is it possible to love two people at the same time?
Nafisa is dealing with beers, periods, heartbreak, and dating apps, when she meets her new uniquely average boyfriend. But is he the love of her life? Before Nafisa can figure that out, her life is turned upside down. Her mother Tamanna dies in an accident. In trying to come to terms with her loss, she finds solace in the company of a charming painter. Her life takes a retro turn, with diaries, handwritten letters, and music trying to heal her.
Tamanna is busy simply existing and complaining, when a gorgeous poet takes her on a whirlwind philosophical journey, teaching her to appreciate art, nature, human existence, and love. But is he the love of her life? Before Tamanna can figure that out, her marriage is arranged with an extraordinarily ordinary guy. Amidst arranged marriages, honour killings, letters of blood, and melting ice-golas, Tamanna shall discover her brand of love.
You Begin Where I End spins two unconventional love stories, set two decades apart – 1991 and 2015 – trying to find an answer to the eternal dilemma of darlings – What is love?

Author: Sarang Jairaj

Publisher: Srishti Publisher & Distributor

Pages: 144

I received a copy of the book through THE BOOK GENIE REVIEW PROGRAM in exchange of an honest review.

My review: 🌟🌟🌟.5/5

The book is an amalgamation of two loves stories set in two different time periods. It starts off with the story of Nafisa whose boyfriend dumps her for being too chubby. She is downhearted and dejected and to gain back her self confidence decides to open an account in a dating app where she meets Amar. They begin to spend time together and she realizes that Amar is falling for her where as Nafisa is not sure about her feelings. She also has a pen pal named Kiaan, whom she meets in Quora and exchanges handwritten letters where she pours out her heart. Whom will Nafisa choose at the end? Amar or Kiaan?

The story gets real interesting when Nafisa discovers her mother Tamanna’s diary in the closet after a shocking turns of events. It has entries of the year 1991 when her mother was in college pursuing commerce. The diary portrays the progressive thinking of Tamanna considering the time period she was in. She questioned the social norms where girls were considered to learn household works so that they could be married away one day in an arranged marriage. Her education and life choices were not matters of concern for the family. Tamanna did not like the concept of arranged marriage and when her parents set up her with Kailash she was already in love with her classmate Jai. What did Tamanna do? Whom did she choose? Did she run away with Jai? Pick up the book to find out.

The story is warm and fluffy and can be finished in a single sitting. Though the first few pages were cheesy and tedious the story picks up its pace when Nafisa’s mother Tamanna is introduced. The writing is intriguing with a relatable plot which displays the perplexities faced by today’s generation. With an easy language and an adorable cast of characters the book doesn’t fail to charm you. My favourite character from the book is Tamanna, she is a pleasant girl with strong opinions and I am happy that she takes the right decision at the end. Overall it is a cute story of love and heartbreaks and I would recommend everyone to give this book a read.


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