The Diary On The Fifth Floor

“The choices we make define the kind of people we then become.The main question here is: Do we like who we have become?”

#blurb: A woman leaves her infant at home but finds her on a busy street in an unexpected turn of events.
Another woman wakes up in a flight hours later, befuddled, in the strangest circumstance.
A fascinating tale of a twenty-five-year-old woman that takes hold of us from the moment she enters the fifth floor of a hospital; more precisely, the psychiatric ward. Visibly terrified, she clutches at her clothbound diary, caught in the horns of a terrible dilemma—whether or not to hand over the diary to the doctor. She fears that she will be declared insane if her tangled web of thoughts unspooling in dark mysterious stories is read by the dissecting eye of a doctor.
What does this diary contain? As the novel progresses, we are drawn into characters and stories that are toe-curling, strange and haunting in their raw intensity. What is the story of this woman? What secrets lie in the pages of her diary? And most importantly, what happens on the fifth floor?

Author: Raisha Lalwani

Publisher: Rupa Publications India

Pages: 184

I would like to thank vinfluencers for providing me with a review copy

My review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

The story is about a 25 year old girl named Svannah Khanna, who goes to visits a famous psychiatrist Dr. Rama Berry stating that she needs help for her sister Sairah. But during the course of her conversation with Dr. Berry it comes out that she does not have any sibling and it was Savannah herself who is suffering from mental trauma. She hands over the doctor a blue diary in which she has penned down her experiences which proves how cruel the human race can be. Will Dr. Berry be able to help Savannah? What is the reason behind Savannah’s sadness?

The book is fast paced can be finished in a single sitting. The language used is easy and understandable. It contains a series of brilliantly vivid diary entries which brings out the vicious vignettes of the society. It portrays the harsh realities which we often ignore in our day to day life. The book is heart-rending and dark and makes us question the human kind. Savannah is a sensitive person and is able to understand the pain faced by other. The insensitive behavior of people highly affects her resulting in anger issues and depression. She has lost the zeal for life and always remains unhappy lost in deep thoughts. But there is one particular incident which has made her the way she is? What is that incident? Will the doctor be able to find out? Moreover mental issues and psychological problems are dealt with in this book which deserves appreciation. People need to accept that consulting psychiatrist doesn’t bring shame. If you are disturbed and need help you should not hesitate to visit a doctor. You need to put your health before others.With a crisp narration and a thought provoking story the book doesn’t fail to impress you. I highly recommend this book to everyone out there.


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