Gwal Mudra

“Just have a close look at your life and be thankful towards everyone who had contributed in your life, there is nothing like a self made man, it’s a lie”

#blurb: Gwal Mudra is the meditation that was designed by LordKrishna himself when DwaparYug was about to end. He knew that the modern mind was going to be chaotic so he lay down the foundation of things that were going to be important to the new man. How do I know about this? Because in one of my past lives I was the disciple of LordKrishna. How I met him and what I learned from him is written in this book. I practiced JaatiSmarn,a meditation technique practiced and propagated by Lord Buddha and Lord Mahaveer for more than fifteen years. This particular mediation technique is used to visit your past lives.

Author: Khushwant Singh

Publisher: Kharag Warya’s Publishing

Pages: 128

My review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

The author Khushwant Singh has visited his past lives by practicing a meditation technique known as Jaati Smarn through which he has come to know about his masters from the previous lives. This book is one such compilation of stories from one of his former lives where he talks about his first master, Lord Krishna and the teachings he received from the man himself. At first he talks about his life as Janak Pratap who was greedy for money and power and destroyed many people’s life in the process but as karma forgives no one so he also had to pay for his sins. Then he talks about his rebirth as a girl in Vrindavan who at a very young age was kidnapped along with her friend Saanwali and sold at a brothel. She spent her life as a sex slaves until one day she managed to run away with her friends in search of Rajan ke Raja. Krishna took her under his shadow and gave her and her friends jobs at his palace which changed their lives forever. She attended Krishna’s sermons, interacted with him, meditated everyday and moreover Krishna cared for her immensely. Krishna’s teachings, his valuable life lessons enlightened her.

Gwal Mudra is a meditation technique consisting of four stages started by the lord himself to save the future generations from going insane with greed and aggression. At that time he predicted that the upcoming generations would suffer from mental trauma and suicidal tendencies and the only way to avoid this would be by practicing Gwal Mudra. Along with this many other predictions of Krishna has come true. What are the four stages of Gwal Mudra? What are the other predictions made by Krishna? Grab the book to find out.

The book is fast paced and an intriguing read filled with many valuable lessons on human life. The teachings of Lord Krishna awakens you and gives you a feeling of self realization. His various philosophies on life are so profound and accurate which compels you to take a second and think about it deeply. The writing is flawless and enthralling. The language used is simple and easily understandable. The events are described so precisely which helps you connect more to the story. The importance of meditation has been highlighted which will help us keep our minds off evil thoughts and inculcate the the art of acceptance. The book is evocative and thought provoking and helps you attain information about human consciousness. I highly recommend this book to everyone out there. The book will surely prove to be enlightening and beneficial for you.


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