When Broken Hearts Meet

“Breakups hurt but more than a breakup, what torments the most is the seperation of two individuals who had created a united identity as a couple”
#blurb: Avanti meets Suhaas. They become friends. Avanti is a conflicted girl, shattered in the tussle between her past and present and Suhaas is the typical prince charming who has two sides, one which he keeps to himself and the other which he shows to everyone. As their story proceeds ahead, both of them begin to feel affinity for each other. But deep in the realms of their hearts dwells chaos that occurs because of their past relationships. Avanti and Suhaas’s friends make efforts to unite them as they know that they love each other. Eventually, it’s up to Suhaas if he will confess his love or not but the important question arises here is, will Avanti find the courage to leave behind her tumultuous past and embrace her love story?

Author: Arushi Vats

Publisher: Notion Press

Pages: 190

I would like to thank the author for providing me with the review copy

My review: 🌟🌟🌟.5/5

The story revolves around the life of Avanti, a Mumbai born girl living in Chandigarh for her studies. Avanti’s painful past has left her downhearted and distressed. The betrayal, hurt, anger and disappointment has made her lose the zeal for life. During that phase she meets Suhaas ,the brother of one of her friends named Kritika. Suhaas is handsome, charming and the perfect dream boy of every girl. But he has also suffered through similar situations like Avanti. When these two broken hearts meet there is a immediate spark between them which with time grows into a deep affection. They both feet attracted to each other but due to their previous experience decide not to go beyond friendship. But then enters Avanti’s ex Harsh who wants her back due to which there occurs misunderstandings and Avanti and Suhaas grows apart.

When Suhaas decides to leave India for future studies Avanti realizes what Suhaas really means to her but as he has hurt her ego and insulted her she doesn’t let out her feelings and decides to let him go. When some hidden facts come to her notice she realizes that Suhaas did try to get back to her but due to unpleasant circumstances he was not successful. But as now it is too late to mend things she decides to bid Suhaas goodbye at the airport. Will Suhaas leave Avanti forever?Will their love story be successful? Grab the book to find out..

It is a light and breezy read with a romantic plot and a charming hero. The writing style is easy and understandable. Though the end was predictable still I enjoyed reading through but I felt that Suhaas and Avanti’s love story needed a little more explanation. It felt as if it happened too fast. But the story is really cute and all bollywoody with a heartbroken heroine troubled by her ex and the handsome hero who comes to save her from all the worries and give her a beautiful life but in the process has to overcome a lot of hurdles. This fluffy story took me back to my teenage years when I used to fall head over heels over such adorable heroes. All my young readers out there who want to start exploring romantic genre will definitely love this book.

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