The Closure: Journey To My True Self

” I was almost like married to someone who in turn of these services was providing a social existence and living expenses as compensation”

#blurb: Aarti slid back and started staring outside the window. It was not the first time she was getting married, but this time she was making the decision after a long haul of struggle.

Sahil: “I have no intention of being physical with you again, but this can be an accord of providing for each other as companions so that you can realize the aspects of your life that you deserve.”

Rishabh: “Maybe I needed her to go away from me before I could realize her importance. God! I miss her.”

Ansh: “You’re evil and the worst person, I’ve ever met. I’d like to think that you’re probably dead now A.. A..Ar… Aarti…”

It’s not a midlife, neither is it  an existential, nor an identity crisis, but just a need, an urge deep-found in human wishes: an appeal for closure. That’s what the journey of Aarti is all about, from being a happily invested mother-cum-housewife to a fulfilled, self-aware human being.

Author: Sweta Sureka

Publisher: Notion Press, Inc.

Pages: 180

My Review: 🌟🌟🌟.7

The story revolves around the life of Aarti, a girl in her 30s married to hercollege love Rishabh and has a son named Ansh. After their son’s birth, thehectic life and the added responsibilities cause their marriage  to crumble. The intimacy between them is lostand their conversation gets limited. Aarti faces loss in her business butinstead of consoling her Rishabh taunts her on her failure. But eventually Aarti gains her stability and starts a NGO for orphans called Ehsaas. In order avoidher family problems she devotes all her time to the children of her NGO andseeks happiness in it. But life isn’t fair to her, she discovers a heartwrenching secret about Rishabh which shakes her world, when questioned Rishabh threatensAarti to stay silent. Aarti breaks down both emotionally and mentally but can’tdo anything as Ansh is young and she doesn’t want to destroy his childhood. Soshe continues living with her husband under the same roof for Ansh’s sakeacting as if nothing happened.

To bring a change in her life Aarti decides to join guitar class where she meets Sahil. Sahil is her instructor but gradually moves on to become a very close friend. For Aarti,Sahil is everything which Rishabh never was. He is supportive, understanding, cares for her and shows his emotions instead of holding them back. Though Sahil is younger than her, love conquers the age gap. But what will Rishabh do when he finds out? Will Aarti get her closure? Can Aarti and Sahil have a happy ending?

 The book is a fast read. The language is simple and understandable with an engaging plot. The writing is smooth with a few typos which can be ignored in view of the sensitive issue the book deals with- infidelity. It’s a raging topic in today’s world where infidelity has not only become increasingly more commonplace but has also become easier to commit. The author explores the causes which breaks a relation and forces to seek love in someone else instead of your partner. She displays the sacrifices a woman do to give her child a happy life and keep him/her away from unpleasing situations. She also points out how men can go to any level to stage themselves as the better partner and demean their wife so that their reputation is not spoilt. What I didn’t like is that I wanted Aarti to fight back more strongly against her husband who was undeniably clever. She shouldn’t have become weak and oppressed by the situation. But I accept that it’s easy to comment but tough to live that life. It being a debut novel the author surely deserves appreciation for her work. I would recommend everyone to give this book a read.


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