DareDreamers by Kartik Sharma and Ravi ‘Nirmal’ Sharma

“In or out. Never in-between”

Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

After completion of his post graduation from IIM Ahmedabad, Rasiq started his job as an investment banker. Though the money was huge but working like a slave was stressing him out and changing him to a bitter person. He was able to enjoy a materialistic life, from buying a Harley Davidson to renting a posh apartment but emotionally he was devastated. His relationship with his girlfriend was falling apart and he was missing his previous carefree days. Atlast he decided to quit his job and moved back to his hometown. Though initially he had no clue what he would do next but eventually he came with an idea for startup called DareDreamers, a rescue team devoted to saving people’s life from various forms of accidents. But he didn’t realize that he had a rival who was hell bent on destroying him. Will Rasiq and team be able succeed? Will they be able to defeat their opponent? Grab the book to find out.
The plot of the book is really refreshing and the idea for startup was brilliant. Though the first part of the book was little monotonous but trust me the second half gets better. The language used is simple and can be finished off in a single sitting. The characters are well casted especially the DareDreamers team. MD Vyom was my favourite from the team who is the Sherlock Holmes of Medical Diagnosis. Each of them are unique in their own ways and their contribution to the startup is immense. Also the unity displayed by the team is praiseworthy. This book can also prove to be motivating for any young entrepreneur who wants to build his own startup someday. I was happy with the ending as everyone got what they deserved. Also the romance parts between Halka and Achala was pleaing and enjoyable. Overall I liked reading this book. Thus if you want to read a story about a startup and their journey of success then give this book a shot.

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