Feeling Blue!

“Mujhe khabar thi wo mera nahi paraya tha..Par dhadkano ne usko hi khuda banaya tha..”

#blurb: Blue is not just a color but a feeling. It is a feeling that is wavering throughout the life of Aarush. Also, blue is the color of ‘her’ intoxicating eyes. Aarush is a happy-go-lucky boy who is tagged as a flirt because of his ability to charm girls until he meets Tisha and falls in love with her, head over heels. Life was beautiful until Tisha started drifting away. Aarush’s life starts crumbling in front of him but time never stops neither does life. What happens to Aarush after that? Why he has to meet a psychologist? Who is Kanika? Will she be able to bring back the AARUSH in Aarush or the feeling will still be blue? Feeling Blue! is not the love story of Tisha, it is the love journey of Aarush.

Author: Saurabh Singh

Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers

Pages: 178

My Review: 🌟🌟🌟/5

The story is about Aarush ,a very charming young man who is also considered to be a big flirt. His life changes when he meets Tisha through a common friend. He falls head over heels in love with her and tries out all the cute and romantic gestures to woo her. But Tisha turns out to be a drug addict and cheats on him. This shatters Aarush completely and breaks his heart. Days pass by and he eventually moves to a new place where he meets Kanika through facebook. He falls in love again and proposes Kanika for marriage.But troubles don’t leave him alone. Will Kanika and Aarush’s love story be successful?Or will he end up alone?

The book is an easy read and can be finished in a single sitting. The language used is easy and the situations are relatable. The different aspects of today’s relationships are well described. Though the book seems to be a cliché yet the story of Ayush from heartbreak to finding love again and his attempts to make the relationship successful in spite of destiny having some other plans touches your heart. The book being a debut novel the author surely deserves appreciation and it is a perfect read for beginners trying out on romantic genre.


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