Review: The Whisper Man by Alex North

Author: Alex North

Publisher: Penguin

Pages: 400

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5
After his wife’s death Tom decides to move into a new house with his son Jake and start afresh. They both were finding it difficult to spend a moment without Rebecca in their old house and decides to shift to new place named Featherbank. But what they don’t know is the dark history related to that village. Five children went missing twenty years ago and it seems that ‘The Whisper Man’ has started operating again when a six year boy disappears mysteriously. Upon their arrival Jake starts behaving differently and Tom becomes suspicious that they are in danger.
The book is amazingly written and deserves all the appreciation. It is one of those books which you can’t read before going to bed in the fear of having nightmares. It is creepy, twisted and keeps you hooked till the very last page. The plot is well weaved with an excellent cast of characters. The book also explores various dynamics of human relationships and the process of coping with loss. It delves deep into the head of a serial killer and tries to explain the reasons behind commitment of such heinous crimes especially against children. The book is dark, creepy and yet fascinating. If you love murder mysteries and psychological thrillers like me then you are in for a treat. The writing style is flawless and you won’t have a single dull moment. Just remember, don’t read it before going to bed or you may hear whispers calling out your name.

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