The Case of the Wandering Scholar by Kate Saunders

#blurb: It is 1851 and Mrs Rodd has received an unusual commission: wealthy businessman Jacob Welland is dying of consumption and implores our redoubtable detective to find his beloved brother, whom he has not seen for fifteen years. However the hunt takes a dark turn when a murder is committed.

Author: Kate Saunders

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Pages: 384

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

Laetitia Rodd is a 53 years old widow lives with her landlady Mrs. Bentley who has become her dearest friend in Hampstead. Mrs. Rodd has the reputation of a private investigator for successfully solving few cases in the past. One day there is a brisk knocking at her kitchen door which leads to meeting Jacob Welland who is dying of consumption. His last wish is to meet his long lost brother Joshua to make amends before his death. But when Mrs. Rodd embarks on the journey to find Joshua Welland she reunites with her friends from the past and the subsequent murder of one of them (Arthur) comes as a shock to her. But the bloodshed doesn’t stop there! If you want to know more about the murders then don’t forget to pick up the book.

The book is beautifully written and keeps you engaged till the end. It is a historical murder mystery set in the 19th century with a intriguing plot and a commendable cast of characters. The mystery is well built and keeps you guessing who can be the real culprit. Though at some parts it gets monotonous but it does pick up the pace. This is my first Laetitia Rodd book and I really enjoyed reading. It can be a perfect read for a cozy weekend. Moreover if you are looking forward to read a good murder mystery set in the Victorian era then doesn’t forget to give this book a shot.

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