Are You Kiddin’ Me? by Anirban Das

#blurb: Are you kiddin’ me. Is a collection of humorous stories, with a medley of emotions and anecdotes from our everyday lives. From the aspirations of a wannabe entrepreneur, to the fate of the student who thinks he knows more than his teachers; from a young management Trainee in love with his bosses daughter to the out of body experience of an urban man. Each story has been carefully crafted to brighten up your day. The stories are unique, each with a subtle underlying message for the discerning reader wanting to read between the lines and find that elusive deeper meaning. These hilarious stories will not only entertain, but also inspire and motivate you to love more, live better and laugh louder. And yes, there is a deliciously wicked twist in each tale. Ps: don’t Miss the footnotes.

Author: Anirban Das

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Pages: 216

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟/5

It is a collection of thirteen short stories with elements of humour in it. The stories are simple yet amusing with surprising twists and turns. Some of them have a deep meaning hidden inside which will awake your inner self. They seem to be inspired from every day events which we often ignore. From a person desperately in need of a job to a person hopelessly in love, they all seem to be people whom we often encounter. If you observe people closely then you will notice that everyone has a humourous story to tell. But sometimes the humour is inspired from their pain or tragedy which exactly happened in these stories. This book portrays various forms of human emotions which make you laugh and feel regretful at the same time. The language used it simple and easily understandable. The plots of the stories are well crafted but the writing style could have been better. Also some of the stories seemed quite predictable and I did not laugh as hard as I expected. My favourite story from the collection is ‘Chance Encounter’ which has a beautiful and surprising twist. Overall it was a good one time read which keeps you engaged for a few hours.

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