Where Will Man Take Us by Atul Jalan

#blurb: The first person who will live to be 150 years old has already been born. The screen that we peer into will soon be within us. We could soon be taking happiness pills before breakfast. The perfect partner might need to be charged before bed.This is a new world we are walking into. And the man who began this journey won’t be the man who ends this journey. Where Will Man Take Us? explores the changes technology is bringing about in us-as a society and as a species. What will the next generation turn into, what will it be like, how will the new Adam and Eve live and love? In this book, Atul Jalan tackles nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, quantum computing and genetics, seamlessly weaving the future of technology with the changing dynamics of human love, morality and ethics.

Author: Atul Jalan

Publisher: Penguin Portfolio

Pages: 272

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

In this book the author talks about technological advancements and how it is shaping our world in a both positive and negative manner. Artificial Intelligence(AI) has become a critical part of our everyday lives. What used be science fiction a few decades back is not fiction anymore. Things happened which people would have never imagined and many more developments are yet to happen which may blow our mind and surpass all levels of human intelligence. Maybe soon we would be training gadgets like our pets. We are not just bio-organisms anymore. With the advancement of biotechnology our genes can be manipulated and transferred within months which gives you a God-like feeling. We have become data driven organisms with the help of internet. The serach engine algorithm helps to reach like minded individuals on various social media platforms. Even our thoughts and ideologies are being manipulated through social media on the basis of our likes and engagement on certain posts for the benefit of several political parties. Such scandals has happened in the past and still happening regarding with most of us have no idea.. Still scientific developments are flourishing and that day is not far away when infront us will lie a whole new species, a improved human, which may be a compilation of artificial and natural intelligence together with human consciousness.
This book is an immense sea of information which is very difficult to put forward in a few words. There is so much more to tell but I can’t because for that you have to pick up the book. The amount of research put behind this book is clearly visible. The language used is easy and various terms and phenomenon are explained in a simple manner. The informations are interesting and keep you hooked till the end. The author has put forward various questions which make you rethink about our future where technology is going to play a vast role. The quotes and sayings of various famous scientists and philosophers mentioned in the prose makes it all the more enthralling. The style of narration is vivid and engaging. The book is divided into five sections where each section is devoted to a particular topic. I highly recommend this book to all the techies out there.

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