So-Called Love Story by Nitin Kumar and Diksha Gupta

#blurb: Some relationships unmask the harsh reality of a love story. It is one of those love stories, which one should certainly Retrospect being in a relationship or while getting into a new one. This is the story of Vivek who finds virali as the best gift ever and falls in love with her. Their relationship builds up smoothly till the halfway but then, there come some catastrophic decisions in their lives which make them fall apart eventually. Notwithstanding, the shattered souls do not come to an end as every story has two faces. The destiny brings a seraph to spill out the other side of the story. The unexpected facets and reasons behind all the cracks and crunches of their relationship get revealed layer by layer, which completely change their schools of thought about each other. Let’s unfold the journey of transformation of a love story into a so-called love story

Author: Nitin Kumar and Diksha Gupta

Publisher: Redgrab Books

Pages: 184

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟/5

Vivek falls in love with Virali the very first day he sees her. He finds his eyes always looking for her wherever he goes. Finally he plays a trick and makes Virali call him. They start talking and she develops a liking for him. But when Vivek eventually proposes, she gets startled and starts avoiding him. Siddharth, Vivek’s friend meddles in between organizing a surprise meetup where she finally confesses her love for Vivek. But the love story doen’t end there. As days pass by various problems occur and Vivek assumes his girlfriend is hiding things from him and flirting with others online. Differences grow between them and Vivek feels heartbroken and cheated. The real shock comes to him when Virali decides to leave the city without patching up things with Vivek, leaving him downhearted and dejected. But everything turns upside down when Vivek finds Virali talking to Siddharth in a café while holding hands. Vivek decides to forget about the girl who betrayed him and moves to Delhi. But it is not the end yet. Virali’s side of the story is yet to be heard. So if you want to know what Virali has to say then pick up the book. The book is an easy read and can be finished within few hours. It conveys the fact that misunderstanding and lack of communication can often destroy a beautiful relation. When in love we need to understand each other and respect each other’s opinion. The relation should not become suffocating where the other partner tries to control your life. We should provide each other their own space instead of making their life revolve around ourselves. It was a good story but the writing style could have been better moreover I didn’t like the end but maybe that’s what life is, we eventually tend to forgive the ones we love the most. If you are a beginner trying out on romance genre then give this book a shot.

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2 thoughts on “So-Called Love Story by Nitin Kumar and Diksha Gupta”

  1. Hey… I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover..but the cover and your description is so tempting.. couldn’t help..I m going to read it


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