Urban Lights by Vishal Anand

#burb: Everyone tells a story. Some inside their own head. Few to the whole world. Urban lights is a collection of poignant and heart-warming stories of various people and their lives. Loss or gain, love or pain, joy or sorrow, these are slices of lives that leave an enduring impression on their souls. Stories, which if untold will render the characters anguished. Written by Vishal Anand after the huge success of 37 plus grace marks and emotions Unplugged, urban lights takes you on a breezy journey. A journey of simple souls. A journey of simple emotions. A journey of simple affairs. And, the journey assures to feel good.

Author : Vishal Anand

Publisher: Redgrab Books

Pages: 160

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My Review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

The book is a collection of sixteen short stories which explores various facets of human lives. The stories are deep, meaningful and leaves a profound impact on you. It is a fast read and can be finished within few hours. The language used is simple and easily understandable. The stories are inspired from our day to day lives and it feels like at some point or the other you have met each of the characters in your everyday life. The stories make you think and question your life choices.We often behave rudely or don’t pay attention to our closed ones who love us immensely and don’t deserve these kind of behaviour. We forget to be thankful for what we have and instead want more and more.We forget that all of us have the capability to achieve our dreams only if we believe in ourselves.

In the day to day hustle we often overlook the simple things but if we take our time and observe then we will find ourselves surrounded by the characters from the book, a misunderstood boy, a mother trying to prove herself, a failed businessman trying to revive his company, a man without shelter disowned by his son, a person in love and many more. The author’s writing style is praiseworthy and doesn’t let the readers get bored for a single second. A soon as I finished one story I was already looking forward to read the next one. These stories amuse you and make you think. It portrays the emotions of love, sorrow, pain and hardships. It is a beautiful collection and if you are looking to read something simple yet enthralling then don’t forget to pick up this book next time.

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