Sin Is The New Love

“The day we arrive in this world, our journey starts towards our death.”

#blurb: Ahi is an aspiring publisher and wishes to make it big someday. When her favourite author’s autobiography lands on her table – which has confessions of his heinous crimes, illegal businesses and few eminent others as his partners in crime – she doesn’t know if it’s real or someone’s trap. It could get her a big breakthrough, but little does she know that it would turn her world upside down completely.
Her morbid curiosity pulls her into the depth of a conspiracy. She finds herself in the centre of various mishaps and murders, as if someone wants to lead the way. Driven by her childhood friend Samim’s encouragement and watched over by the ever so charming ACP Rathore, she has to jeopardize her life to find the brutal truth of her past.
Touching, thrilling and deeply mysterious, Sin is the New Love is the journey of a girl who stumbles upon the truth about her origin while chasing her dream.

Author: Abir Mukherjee

Publisher: Srishti Publishers and Distributors

Pages: 216

I would like to thank the author for providing me with a review copy.

My review: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The book revolves around the life of Ahi Chatterjee, a young girl in her 20s and the daughter of Director General of Kolkata Police, Dhritiman Chatterjee. Ahi owns a Publishing house named Ankur and has only succeeded in publishing a few works of debutant authors. But her life undergoes turmoil when she receives a manuscript from a well-known author Devang Awasthi who committeed suicide a few months back. The pages describe the personal life of Devang Awasthi filled with crimes and confessions. But if Devang Awasthi is dead then who has sent the manuscript? What is his motive behind publishing the autobiography? And why he selected Ahi’s Ankur?

Ahi determined to publish the manuscript visits Devang’s family in Delhi to get their consent where she meets ACP Abhimanyu Rathore who knows that something fishy is going on in Awasti Nivas and is on a constant look out for any clue, so he decides to help Ahi in her journey to find out who killed Devang Awasthi. As Ahi keeps reading the autobiography she comes to know about the dark life of the famous author which somehow at the end gets connected to her. She comes to know about hidden truths which shatter her life completely. Will they be able to find the murderer? What truth does Ahi discovers?

The book is an excellent read with an engaging plot and numerous twists which keep you hooked till the end. The writing is crisp and flawless making it a complete page turner. Once you start reading the book it is unputdownable and compels you to finish it in a single sitting. In every page there is a new development which doesn’t let you get bored for a single moment. With a well written plot and captivating characters this book has become one of my favourite reads of 2018. The mystery which the writer has woven deserves great appreciation. I am completely in love with the book and I recommend everyone out there to read it once. You won’t be disappointed.


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